Eukarya organisms or eukaryotes are cells that contain their genetic material inside a nucleus. Eukaryotes in the beginning of their evolution split and created four different kingdoms which we categorized on Earth as Animals, Plants, Fungi, and Protista. When Eukarya Farm was first established by Tom Bailey it was thought to one day encompass all four kingdoms and create a sustainable farm that could offer high quality produce from each category of life. Currently Eukarya Farm is focus on Fungi! Growing and producing multiple varieties for chefs/restaurants all across Colorado. In the future we will have more to offer, and will keep you up-to-date!



Grifola frondosa

Grifola Frondosa, commonly know as maitake or hen of the woods, is one of the most popular choice edible mushrooms. It has been used for centuries in China and Japan both as a health food and medicine. Maitake’s taste is complex and robust, many chefs describe it as tasting like the forest.

Blue Oyster

Pleurotus ostreatus

Pleurotus ostreatus aka Blue Oyster is a staple in Kitchens around the world. Eukarya’s strain is big, blue, and beautiful. Sold in full form, and not processed. Great for mushroom medleys, pizza’s, and soups.


Pholiota Adiposa

Pholiota Adiposa commonly referred to as chestnuts or cinnamon caps are a gorgeous mushroom with a mild, nutty flavor. Pholiota species produce a gel like substance on caps for preservation that adds great texture for risottos, humus dishes, and soups.

King Trumpet

Pleurotus eryngii

Pleurotus Eryngii is considered as the King oyster due to its excellence in cap and stem consistency, long shelf life, and savory flavor. King Trumpets are tender, meaty, and can complement about any dish.


If you want to buy mushrooms, and are located in Front Range Area (Denver, Boulder, Longmont, etc) contact Peter from Oxford Gardens. Oxford gardens distributes Eukarya’s mushrooms and other produce, connecting farmers to customers all across Colorado!

Oxford Gardens

Peter S. Volz
855 13th St.
Boulder, CO 80302


"It’s hard enough to find local mushrooms on a regular basis, when I found Tom, I found a reliable, consistent supplier of some of the nicest mushrooms I’ve ever seen. I am very happy to have been working with Tom for 2 ½ years, and would highly recommend his farm to anyone looking for a quality supply of locally grown mushrooms."

-Josh Gordon (Chef de Cuisine | Safta Restaurant)

"Eukarya mushrooms are of the highest quality. Tom cultivates them in such a way to be packed with umami flavor and nutrition. The cooking applications are endless. I'm constantly discovering new ways to prepare them."

-Will Harris (Executive Chef | Wildflower)

"We love the mushrooms we get from Eukarya each week. they’re as fresh as they come and taste fabulous. Tom’s mushrooms are our most popular market item at Somebody People."

-Tricia Maher (Owner | Somebody People Denver)

"I've been using Tom's mushrooms for about two years now. The quality and consistency are unparalleled, as is his commitment to his craft and his customers. The guy loves mushrooms."

-Johnny Sismanis (Executive Chef | Pizzeria Locale Boulder)

"The mushrooms from Eukarya are some of the best I’ve used in the kitchen. Specifically the lions mane’s , they are the largest and most consistent of any purveyor I’ve bought from. Thomas makes sure that he takes care of all of his customers and that you’ll never be without great mushrooms."

-Chris Starkus (Executive Chef | Warren Tech Culinary Teacher)

"Thomas’ Blue Oyster are some of the best most consistent product I have had the pleasure of working with."

-Paul Warthen (Executive Chef/Owner | Potager Denver)

"Superior quality , nothing compares to all the strains of mushrooms I have received from Eukarya Farm. On time every time for delivery."

-Leroy Alvarado (Executive chef | La Vita Bella)

"The mushrooms from Eukarya Farm are amazing. Always so full of flavour. I have been using them almost 2 years now and never an issue. Always fresh . The shelf life is second to none."

-Tom Grimmond Executive Chef (Executive Chef | Collision Brewing Co.)

"Awesome mushrooms and more! Passion and knowledge truly show in the product we receive from Eukarya Farm. Thank you, Tom."

-Ethan Cody (Sous Chef/Kitchen Manager | Sweet Basil Vail)

"Eukarya farm grows the best mushrooms around"

-Patrick Balcom (Owner and Executive Chef | Longmont BakeHouse)